Tysons Demonstration Project
@ Tysons West

The Georgelas Group is proud to have been selected by Fairfax County to develop the “Demonstration Project”. The two primary objectives of the demonstration project are: to inform the comprehensive plan, and to illustrate what a future development may look like under the new comprehensive plan. Through a collaborative partnership the Georgelas Group and Fairfax County have created a project that reflects five years of planning and hundreds of community meetings.

The Tysons Demonstration Project has been created to illustrate how a project could be developed using the Draft Comprehensive Plan for Tysons Corner. Once adopted by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors the new comprehensive plan will enable a pedestrian friendly, connected, urban and truly Transit Oriented future for Tysons Corner. As you browse through these pages, it is hoped that you will come away with an understanding of the new vision for Tysons Corner. Click here to read the recent TIME MAGAZINE article

Destination Creation

  • Metro Pavilion
  • Kiss and Ride
  • Community Amenities
  • Parks and Recreation