Tysons Demonstration Project

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The Georgelas Group is proud to have been selected by Fairfax County to develop the “Demonstration Project”. The two primary objectives of the demonstration project are: to inform the comprehensive plan, and to illustrate what a future development may look like under the new comprehensive plan. Through a collaborative partnership the Georgelas Group and Fairfax County have created a project that reflects five years of planning and hundreds of community meetings.

The Tysons Demonstration Project has been created to illustrate how a project could be developed using the Draft Comprehensive Plan for Tysons Corner. Once adopted by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, the new comprehensive plan will enable a pedestrian friendly, connected, urban and truly Transit Oriented future for Tysons Corner. As you browse through these pages, it is hoped that you will come away with an understanding of the new vision for Tysons Corner. Click here to read the recent TIME MAGAZINE article

Destination Creation

Metro Pavilion

Kiss and Ride

Community Amenities

Parks and Recreation

The ultimate vision of the Tysons Demonstration Project is to fully integrate living, working and recreational spaces in an attractive and harmonious way. It is envisaged that companies which provide goods and services pertinent to the needs of commercial and retail tenants as well as to private apartment owners will wish to establish an early presence in the Demonstration Project. Expert pest control has to be taken care of in these cases as well due to the growth of the community. Rodent and rat infestations can cause the spread of disease. Commercial property management will also certainly be a much needed enterprise with expected rapid growth and development of the retail and restaurant precinct and the “Office Hub” has already had great interest in commercial leasing “off the plan”. The “Office Hub” is located adjacent to the community parklands and the extensive use of wall to ceiling shatterproof glass in the construction will enable tenants and workers to have stunning overhead views of the parklands and recreational spaces. Commercial window cleaning services present on site will be needed to maintain the high standards of property maintenance and will be encouraged to locate to the Service precinct of the Demonstration project. The headquarters of the Georgelas Commercial Property Management group is scheduled to relocate to top floor offices when the first stage is complete. Other enterprises which have expressed an early interest are Clearvision Commercial Window Cleaning and “Wholesale Paving Supplies”; the major sponsors of the “Paving the Way” project.

Tysons Demonstration Project

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“Paving the Way” is a new initiative for the Demonstration project which has recently been announced by the Georgelas group. Selected urban landscape designers will be participating in “Paving the Way” which is the first in a series of contests as part of the “public outdoor living spaces challenge”. The challenge involves designing a large scale attractive recreational space for minimal cost. The design must include a series of linked walk ways and seating areas using cheap wholesale pavers in original and creative ways. It is envisaged that the winning design will become part of the urban lifestyle meeting place project.